ElizaBeth Gilligan

Contemplating the Cosmic Navel

I’m not exactly sure when I began contemplating the “Cosmic Navel,” but certainly around the time I fell in love with philosophy and etymology in high school.  I’d wanted to “make books” since I can remember.  My mother informed me that I announced that decision at the ripe old age of two and never wavered from it.  So, as you can see, I was never the dramatic sort, prone to astonishing predictions of my future or unequivocal stances.  I also, clearly, like to play with words, ideas and themes.  Contemplating the Cosmic Navel was my turn in the sophist’s chair with a thumb to the nose at the self-important dramatist in the mirror.

I love philosophy and words, reasoning not so much <G> which definitely puts me in the later set of Sophists.  Contemplating the Cosmic Navel was a way for me to pick at the lint in the belly button/core of worldly (and, as I later came to love, otherworldly) issues while not allowing the issues to become so cumbersome that I found it too much to chew on while breaking in my intellectual teeth.  We all need to dust the cobwebs from our hair, and pick at the lint in the Cosmic Navel to keep our brains working and life from getting too serious even when we’re considering weighty issues.

This Blog will be semi-autobiographical, the soap box for periodic rants … um … site for the exchange of ideological perspectives and, of a high priority, a locus for finding my itinerary for appearances and news of my adventures in the worlds of writing, editing and publishing

For the moment, here endeth the first edition of Contemplating the Cosmic Navel.  Next issue will (hopefully) be tomorrow and will cover my travel and some tentative publication dates for some various projects.